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velvet Assassin is all set up in darkness and makes heavy use of it to bring to light the events of world War II. As an espionage agent fighting behind enemy lines, you slip in and out of shadows, silently stalking through dimly lit streets and grimy prisons as you attempt to sabotage the nazi war effort. But the darkness in velvet Assassin is more than just a cover for satisfying stealth play.The grim realities of war are also present, giving added weight to your objectives and a moral back bone to your killings.As you slink through burning parisian villagers and witness innocent civillians being executed for no reason, the chilling brutality of war becomes clear.

You Assume the role of Violette summer, a British Assassin sent alone to slow down the German war machine. When the game begins, you see yourself from above, lying in a hospital bed after a mission gone terribly wrong.There are morphine syringes scattered across your bed, and the influx of drugs in your system creates a series of dreams that let you recount your past missions. As your efforts in the war play out, Violet begins to question the events around her,making her character empathetic and believable. interspersed with these flashbacks are quick looks at the present, in which two Allied Soldiers stand above your hospital bed, trying to decide your fate. The story is told in brief snippets, which makes it initially difficult to follow what's going on. But as the plot becomes clearer, The moral decision looming overhead becomes more powerful, casting all of your actions in a new light.

The 12 missions have you fighting single-handedly against the German forces, assassinating a war criminal, destroying a fuel depot, and other objectives typical for the most part, you must rely on stealth to meet your goals.The levels are blanked in darkness, providing ample cover for you to weave through the disturbing setting. Troops patrol all around you, and if you can silently sneak behind them, you trigger a breif execution scense.The absoulate patience needed to stalk through these missions is tense and rewarding, mixing the fear of being spotted with the relief of creeping through a particularly dangerous situation unseen.The levels are often linear, providing supply of weapons or armor, but there is still plenty of creativety needed to achieve success.Fighting out how to reach your goal in the most efficent way is hugely satisfying beacuse no two situations play out in the exact same way.

As you sneak around bases, you can eavesdrop on conversations that give your attackers personality. But these conversations are not merely superfluous looks at the yearnings of a solider. Some times they reveal their darker side, which makes it more rewarding to kill them off. in one level a solider explains in meticulous detail how best to burn bodies that have been dumped in a ditch. In the prison level, A solider proposes a game of rabbit hunt: a disgusting activity that involves shooting prisoners as they try to run free.There are also letters scattered Throughout the levels that show the desperation that some of these troops felt.One solider writes a heartfelt letter to his wife, telling her how miserable and suffocating military life is.These emotional moments paint the soldiers as real people and add a lot of weight to your actions.

A wonderful game by all means, Velvet Assassin offers a brutal depiction of war, creating an experience that is horrific but still rewarding.


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