Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tom Clancy's EndWar

Tom Clancy's EndWar

The upcoming World war III RTS, based on Tom Clancy's renowned tech-fiction novels and the series of spin-off games, differentiates it self from other RTS games in a couple of ways. The story sticks to the traditional setting of American and European allies versus the Soviets.

Apparently, U.S.A has advanced its military expeditions to outer space and a revitalised Russia intervenes. The game does not advance in the usual linear fashion or through levels , Rather, it reveals a map where a war is in progress. you then choose where you would like to assume control of a battle. in this fashion, you move through the map, fighting back forces where ever you think it is necessary to intervence . Voice commands are used to communicate with other players during online gameplay and to issue tactical orders to yours troops. once a strategic pointis captured , it can be upgraded . units are limted in number - seven to be exact - but they have a large number of up grades in terms of armour , weapons and techonology enhancements . There are none of the traditional base installation are resourse harvesting associated with RTD titles . units and ammunition are replenished by airships and/or cargo shipments .


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