Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I was playing this game in first time that was releasing in First part of Hit Man 2 and That game has wonderful graphics. and iam play and finish this game . that was wonderful moment of my life and i hear to say that this game has playing action's and there are several gun's and pistols.

After Hit man 2 That was releasing a new part Code name 47 That part has wonderful after in this part Hitman 3 and this is also nice .Now Hitman blood money..That was amazing part of hitman .

There are several guns two braille's automatic pistols and Shotguns and Riffle that was amazing to killing those who are for away.and knife and very nice and powerful guns that was sniper gun and a wire to killing silently that was helping in silent to kill that is amazing.

HIT MAN BLOOD MONEY has wonderful game and that was highly recommended games and that was great graphics.Control system of blood money has not difficult to play has other games but you guys playing this game that was thriller and action game
hitman has a man that who has lot of crimes and that he had to fishing that crimes in this world there are lot of enemies that he had to finish that enemies.and stoping that crimes in that world that was hard to hitman but he has to believe wash out of crime.

Hitman blood money has improved game and his game has wonderful things that was jumping through the windows and door that was amzaing and picking up itmes.and that was all done to the clicking mouse button's.

Hit man blood money has highly remcomded graphics and that was brand spanking and does a great job lighting and texture.that was amazing and voice and music of this game has nice and if hitman killing enemy that was woderfull sound in that time.and i was playing that all of hitman parts that was amzing and this part of hitman nice and high graphics.you guys playing this game and you like this game.


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