Monday, June 1, 2009


Any strategy game expert will tell you that wisely managing one's units and resources is crucial for success in battles. precision and complete coordination between different units determines the outcome of a feverish war with opponents. keeping that in mind, men of war is a great game. However its highly praised control options and micromanagement of units may not appeal to many gamers in general.

Man of war is descendant of soldier heroes of WORLD WAR II and FACES OF WAR and carries on the traditional gameplay found in both previous titles, Even though the game has a number of problems it may as well be one of the most engaging tactical strategy games seen in a while.

The gives the player control over three major factions The Russians, The Germans, and the Allies , Missions Vary from Infiltration and espionage to All-out tactical and defencive battles the map are fairly large and expencive and give players ample room for combat and objective expansion Long missions are usualy devided in to smaller bits where you recieve varying objectives to keep the action running However the game tends to be quite unforgiving with regards to the difficulty level Even the easy mode is tough enough to warrat a few retries.

Playing the game requires efficiency and rushing in on the enemy will certainly be a huge mistake since they will almost always be better equipped and well prepared instead Using your units to systematicaly pick off the targets will be essential throughout the game The units themselves are all unique in their own way They each have their own personal inventory their weapons need to be reloaded and each of them is skilled in handling different types of weapons Additionaly they can also heal themselves When left idle. Items Such as helmets, weapons, ammunation, and health packs can also be scavenged from dead troops littered around a recent battlefield.They can also use the terrain to their advantage by hiding in the bushes and taking cover behind objects while engaging the enemy.

The game incorporates robust physics and destructible environments on the field. Weapons and vehicles can tear through buildings and send parts flying . Explosions may seem a bit over the top but do a good job of conveying the frenzy and chaos of war. The artificial intelligence (AI) is quite efficient on the other hand Enemy units react to changes quickly and your troops need to efficiently counteract situations where they face heavy fire. Their movements however tend to be too erratic and uncoordinated . Even tanks and other vehicles can bring surrounding buildings to the ground while moving to ordianed points in the battle field. Fortunately the game has a unique feature that allows the player to directly coordinate the movements of units using the keyboard and mouse direct control gives more of an arcade feel to the gameplay and especially useful in infiltration missions.

To sum it up, This is one of those titles, that gamers will either love or hate, most gamers may feel overwhelmed by the multiple things that they need to keep an eye on on the midst of an engaging battlefield.

Ultimately, The fact is that MEN OF WAR is brilliant stragty game through its unconventional combat system and high difficalty level, the game provides a gritty and realistic experiance of managing troops in the line of fire. The excessive mircomanagement tasks and atrocious voice-overs might may make gamers want to scream in frustration, but apart from that, the game is extremly deep and challenging.


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