Sunday, May 31, 2009

Death to Spies


There have been countless titles based on world War II and most of them are fairly seems as if the entire notion of mass destruction and loss of life and limb has lost its appeal among the masses. However, Haggard Games has tried to launch an other WORLD WAR II oriented game with a few new innovations. In this game the player assumes the identity of a former Russian spy who is accused of treason. This former soviet spy is inquired by a senior officer and the game takes place as series of flashbacks as he begins to narrate the story .

The game begins with a comprehensive tutorial on the basses needed to carry out routine spy assignments. The player is intimated with the basses of espionage. A crash course on military physical fitness and basic know-how on using weapons is also provided so that the player dose not inflict harm upon himself while using them ion the battlefields. A test runs on explosives and Mock-enemy troopers camps. in short the tutorial prepares the player for almost all kinds of hazards the player may encounter on the battlefields.

The gameplay is realistic with special attention given to the game's physics engine. There is a multitude of weapons to choose from, that are all antiques now a days bit were formidable artillery at that time. Different types of machine guns, revolvers, grenades, and melee equipments make the player feel safer on the battle field. The inventory system has been limited so that the backpack only has a limited number of slots for grenades or ammunation. There is also the weight factor and restriction that only a single type of pistol and big gun shall be picked up by the player at a time, so no whipping of machine guns or combating in Rambo style since this is a stealth based game these restructions hardly prove a great hindrance as killing enemy soldiers recklessly results in having the entire platoon on high alert and ultimately leads to the death of players. Hence one has to learn to move in secrecy and to slay enemy soldiers using stealth.

They have also incorporated a breathing factor when using sniper riffles the aim shakes unless the breath is held before shoting also throwing knives do not fly through the air in a straight line rather they move in parabloc arcs through the air. The designers have put in a transparent map that helps the player navigate and to keep a check on Non-playable characters (NPCs) and observing as a constant compass. Even though stealth-game players may feel a sense of deja vu when playing this game, there are some glaring differences.

firstly this game is very TTL, "true to life" when simulating the grass and stone buildings and everything else it dose far more than the setisfactory job and renders detailed environment Although missions like, killing moles, blowing up bridges , copying documnets and other are run of the mill scenarios but the environment details gives them a vicarious feel. Proper lightening , textures and shadows effects have a great effect on the over all look and feel of the game. Also, there are traditional parts of the game where the player dresses up to avoid being detected by enemy troops.

However this ruse is seen through if spotted by a senior officer or seen doing any suspecious activity which involves being in the restricted area or not listening to a guard . Lirking in the shadows is also a way to avoid detection. There is a handy utility "Detection Meter" which tells the player what the proximity is with another enemy trooper and helps avoid being caught if played safely since there is no full-body armour present, seeking refuge in the shadows is the best protection one can get, overall game is quite difficult and sometimes keyboard banging frustratios are experianced since the timing for every thing needs to be precise or the attempted is discovered and the player is gunned down with in moments. The ambience of the game is also in step with the environment. The silence during the game play is very fitting and sound effects of the enemy soldiers when aroused and passive are also right on cue. Over all it is not a game which should be missed by those who have a taste for stealth-based games.


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